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These images were provided by Reuters. There is a story behind each photograph. You will find a complete description of each image below.
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The Humane Society's Biggest Victories for Animals - In 2007, The Humane Society of the United States celebrated animals and confronted cruelty in all its forms.  With your help, they will continue to work hard in 2008 to eradicate animal fighting, expose the cruelty of puppy mills, end Canada's barbaric seal hunt, rescue animals left behind during natural disasters, and so much more.
Humane Society's Victories
Last year, The Humane Society of the United States celebrated animals and confronted cruelty in all its forms. With your help, they will continue to work hard in 2011 to eradicate animal fighting, expose the cruelty of puppy mills, end Canada's barbaric seal hunt, rescue animals left behind during natural disasters, and SO MUCH MORE. Please click HERE to watch more of their videos and help celebrate their hopes and victories. You can help. : ) Click HERE. Extraordinary.
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*SPECIAL* Photos of Forgotten Children of Angola by Stephane Lehr - Click HERE.
Absolutely stunning photographs of abandoned, street orphans. You will see 2 boys cradling a puppy lovingly in their arms. Within the desolation, they find comfort in loving and caring for a young pup. They have within them, the capacity to give even though their own lives are filled with devastation. You may also notice the sweet tenderness and vulnerability in their faces.

Any assistance that you can offer would be gratefully accepted. After viewing these images, please contact your favorite children's charity. Please pray for these children. "In the saving of just one child... just one, you may have saved the world.  A piece of this world, your world, exists within every child."
Every child is extraordinary.

HERE to visit teenager Carlos Carlos Mezenga' Blog in Angola. He is on the
front lines and shares his stories. (Sponsored by Save the


Information About the Images At the Top of This Page
The images at the top of this page were provided by Reuters. There is a story behind each photograph. The first image is of Acehnese orphan children in Indonesia. One of them dares to smile... even as she sits amongst utter devastation. The second image is of a Monk who took in an orphan as an infant and has provided for him and raised him with love. This little child is one of the rare fortunate ones. The third image is of hungry children, possibly homeless orphans, struggling for a bit of food during a festival. The next image is of another little orphan whose family was most likely lost in the tsunami. The last image is of an overwrought Iraqi orphan youth who has been badgered and bullied by older children. He struggles to ask for kindnesses and protection. The country of Iraq has many such orphans, living a life of destitution and deprivation.

Note:  Children and Animals have great needs. Sometimes, they are taken for granted, and mistreated without reservation, continually, frequently, until their spirits are broken, their hearts and lives shattered.  Hurts that occur during childhood can last a lifetime. Those who perpetrate crimes and hurtful deeds against the innocent may not fully understand this, or, may choose to ignore this. The individuals who commit these destructive actions require much education, and much attention.  

It goes without saying that every child needs to be nurtured with loving kindness, tenderness, calm and consistent teaching and discipline without fear and without prolonged suffering.  Rather than beatings and harsh words, gentle admonishments with one's "no" meaning no has much greater effect. 

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It regards a puppy, but could involve a child, as well as a pet...  A wonderful woman bought a puppy for her family.  This little pup wanted to sleep with the children, but this was not possible due to health reasons. 
The woman decided that the pup would sleep in his own bed, in the main room in the downstairs area.  The pup had other ideas.  He wanted to go upstairs, and responded to this first bed time with much zeal andpassion to rush upstairs.  Everytime he raced up the stairs, the woman would gently take him back downstairs and place him in his bed.  It must have taken over 20 times of carrying the pup to his bed, that he finally resigned himself, and went to sleep.

This went on for several days.  Soon, the pup understood that he would not be allowed to go upstairs to bed.  So, finally, at bedtime, he went into his bed, and slept peacefully, and contentedly.

The woman did not change her mind. She did not let the pup do what she did not want.  She used no harsh words or blows.  She was consistent, gentle, firm and relentless in her request.  She was also infinitely patient, and took the time necessary to teach the pup with repeated action.

The lesson is this.  You see, afterwards, whenever the woman would tell the pup "No," he knew she meant business, that her word was true.  He listened and obeyed without puppy argument or rebellion.  From then on, life was easier, filled with grace and peace for both pup and family.

If one is infinitely patient, consistent, and willing to repeat their gentle admonishment over and over again,  their No's and Yes's will be obeyed, honored with little argument.

Education is crucial.  Protection of children and animals is crucial.

All living creatures, great and small, are endowed with abilities to feel pleasure, pain, joy, love, sorrow, sadness.  If they could not experience such things, they would have been plants, fruits, vegetables.

As much as some would like to believe that children and animals do not "feel" as acutely as adult humans, they are mistaken.  Anyone who has ever had a pet, would most likely acknowledge, that, indeed, their pet has "feelings."

It is our job as stewards of this planet, that we be fair and just, that we respect all life, and that we accept Truth.  The Truth is this; cruelty and harm against the most innocent is a violation of all decency, honor, dignity and inherent nobility of spirit within us all. We must strive to nourish and maintain the best within us.  Our children are our future.  The animals are a gift, a blessing to us, and without them, life would be unimaginably barren

Life is precious beyond words.  Every young terminal patient comes to understand the extraordinariness of feeling. Of experiencing. Of loving, giving, living.  

Your help is needed.  Just one phone call, one letter, once a week, once a month... could make all the difference in the world.  One phone call.  One letter.  Thank you!

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About Us - Who We Are, What We Stand For
Helping, Protecting and Serving Those Who Are the Most Innocent Among Us...
the Children, the Animals, and Those Most Innocent and Vulnerable
About Us - Who are We?
We are a dedicated group of individuals who want, above much else, to be of service to those who are most innocent - children and animals. We also support others in need as well; the gentle homeless, those who are in despair, those in need of food, water, shelter, warmth, hope, peace and a means to find security, happiness and a life of giving and sharing.  We are homebased in San Diego County, CA., USA, and our mailing address is below.  We thank you for visiting our website, and look forward to working together for the betterment of those in need.
We wish to fund all as much as possible with our own pockets, We operate as a nonprofit organization, so that 100% of donations are used directly for those in need.  We do not have nonprofit status, as we have not applied. If you wish to make a donation, please donate to our list of approved charities. These have been chosen for their generosity and proven reputation for doing the most good for the least expense. Thank you for your kindness, consideration, concern. 
Telephone Calls
We ask that you make at least one telephone call to your state Senator and let him or her know that the issues described herein are important to you.  Your polite and considerate call could make all the difference in the world.  Sometimes, that is all it takes.  This is the power of a kind gesture, a loving effort. 
We ask for letters to your state and federal Congress people. They have the power to change laws and funnel your monies as you would wish.  When your government officials hear from you, they do listen.  They do care.  Your votes are very important to them, and most wish to do your will and represent your interests.  Most wish to do good on your behalf, and they need to hear from you.  
Through your polite and informative phone calls, information pages, email messages, prayers, acts and deeds of generosity and kindness, miracles can occur. Again... the power of one, can change the lives of many.

Our actions are to directly help and provide assistance to those in need, as well as to help guide people to find a way to help and contribute. We believe that giving and receiving work in concert. Those who receive,  are blessed by those who give to them. Those who give, are blessed, by the mere act of giving.  For those who give, their cup will runneth over.

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"It is through giving,
that one finds, true living."
Teaching to Give, as Well as to Receive
 Teaching children how to receive, as well as 
teaching children how to give, is a gift of a lifetime. 
Living creatures, both human and animal, find their greatest 
joy in the acts of loving, sharing, giving.

With the love of others around them, a child's heart will grow 
and swell so that they will overflow with good and loving things. 
These good and loving things will in turn, flow to other children 
around them. And so it goes.

Join us.  Help the children. 
Cherish and protect every living creature. 

Many Blessings!

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Helping, Protecting and Serving Those Who Are the Most Innocent Among Us
(c) 2011