Children and Animals Foundation Website - Helping, protecting, serving those who are most innocent among us - the children and animals, as well as others in need.
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Other current issues of grave concern in
various areas around the world
1. **NEW**  Call for for treats for the children in San Diego who are placed in homes due to abuse, neglect, and other instances of mistreatment.  Preferable treats are healthy, yet delicious foods individually packaged.  Here's a partial list of items to consider available at Costco. Website: and Email:
1s. Visit You will learn about helping children from a terrible fate. The information was provided by the San Diego Sheriff's Department, as well as the San Diego Attorney's Office. These things are happening in every major city in the country.  Call your legislative representatives. Politely inform them that you are extremely concerned with child kidnapping and forced prostitution.  Ask them to consider instituting more stringent laws against these crimes, and funding for police actions against perpetrators.  Ask them if they wouldn't mind if you contact them to find out progress with this issue.
Click HERE for comprehensive article by Manolo Guillen on:"The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in San Diego County" Your help, gladly accepted. 
2.  Meat eaters: purchase humanely raised, naturally raised meat.  Better for you, better for the animals.  Allowing animals to live a good life, and then killing them quickly and painlessly is the only option worth considering. Meat from such animals is more nutritious and much better tasting and without chemicals and hormones. More likely, such meat comes from animals that were fed natural and organic feed.  
3.  Avoid genetically modified (GMO) fruits, vegetables, foods.  Buy organic, whenever possible, even though it may be shipped a long distance.  Organic growers need support.  Their efforts need to be rewarded.  Large growers need encouragement to switch to organic growing methods.   
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See 1 above.
1.  Issue 4, 5, 6 - Avoid fur, laboratories, foie gras
1.  Be kind to the gentle homeless.  If you were to walk in their shoes, you might have a great understanding of why they are where they are.  Be generous.  And, be careful.  If you are tricked, forgive.  
1.  Look into natural and alternative healing methods.  There are great successes with these natural processes.  
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1.  Consider contributing to Ryan's Well.  Ryan was 6 years old when he discovered children were dying of thirst. He worked for 4 months to save enough money to buy a well in Africa.  Children are still dying of thirst. Within the last 5 minutes, another small child was lost.  It is a terrible death... filled with suffering.  Water is one of the Earth's most precious resources.  The need is more pressing than ever.  
2.  Read about Genetically Modified Fruits, Vegetables, other Crops that can Devastate Health 
3.  Try to incorporate more organic produce in your diet.  Natural foods have more delicious and complex flavors.  The most expensive and elegant restaurants serve organic foods for the superior quality and taste.  Make an effort to find a natural food store in your location.
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Contacting Your Officials and Representatives
Call and Write
Your Congress

A polite call and letter can work miracles!

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Helping, Protecting and Serving Those Who Are the Most Innocent Among Us

  About Us - Who are We?
  We are a dedicated group of individuals who want, above much else, to be of 
  service to those who are most innocent - children and animals.  We also support 
others in need as well; the gentle homeless, those who are in despair, those in need
of food,water, shelter, warmth, hope, peace and a means to find security, happiness
and a life of giving and sharing.

  We wish to fund all as much as possible with our own pockets, so that 100% of donations 
  are used directly for those in need.  We are homebased in San Diego County, CA., USA.
If you wish to make a donation, please click here.  If you wish to help with your
time, your work, your prayers, please email us and we will respond right away.

Through polite and informative phone calls, information pages, email messages,
helping people find a way to help and contribute.  We believe that giving and receiving
work in concert.  Those who receive, are blessed by those who give to them.
Those who give, are blessed, by the mere act of giving.  For those who give, their
cup will runneth over.

"It is through giving,
that one finds, true living."

Teaching children to receive, but also, equally importantly, teaching children to give,
is a gift of a lifetime.  Living creatures, both human and animal, find their greatest 
joy in the acts of loving, sharing, giving.

With the love of others around them, a child's heart will grow and swell so that they 
will overflow with good and loving things.  These good and loving things will in 
turn, flow to other children around them.  And so it goes.  Join us. Help the children.
Cherish and protect every living creature.
Bless you!

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