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How you can help
Helping is much easier than you might imagine.  

One of the best ways is to simply call your representatives and politely let them know that certain issues are becoming increasingly more important to you. 

Ask them politely if they might focus more of their time on these pressing issues.

Your representatives DO want to know what you want. If you are considerate, reasonable, 
respectful and assured, they WILL listen. 

You can say, "The issue of child abuse, hunger, and global abandonment is becoming increasingly more important to me. As your constituent, I would like to ask for you to devote more time to this. Will you consider my request?" Wait for their answer. Let them make a commitment to you. 

Your opinion DOES matter. Believe it or not, very few people contact their officials. When they do, their comments are noted and reviewed. Each friendly conversation you can have with a  staff member of your representative will have an effect. 

It is their job to listen to you. And, yes, they hear. You can find your legislators HERE.
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Finding a good charity that spends its money wisely
You can check out your charity's facts and figures HERE at
If they use their funding wisely and prudently, and they have a good success record, then you can be assured that your donation will not be wasted.
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Volunteering in Africa
Would you like to go to Africa to help in a hands on way? You can research volunteering in Africa HERE.
This could be a life changing experience for you that you will never forget. 

Sharing your blessings may very well be the best thing that you ever did, and the best thing you ever received. 

You will meet other extraordinary people. 

Your contributions could help save countless lives, and help them achieve happiness and contentment that once seemed impossible. 
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ARTICLE: Are you having a bad day? Read this article. You will feel better about your situation. But, you may feel worse about someone else's...  Click HERE for more new items. 

ARTICLETeen suicide spurs war on child prostitution By Mickey Goodman ATLANTA (Reuters) - At the age of 15, Samantha Walker was lured into prostitution on the streets of Toledo, Ohio, then taken against her will to Atlanta...
1b. **NEW** Visit Angolan teenager Carlos Mezenga's blog HERE.  Website:
You can donate - even a small amount can make a huge difference.
2.  Meat eaters: purchase humanely raised, naturally raised meat.  Better for you, better for the animals.  Allowing animals to live a good life, and then killing them quickly and painlessly is the only option worth considering. Meat from such animals is more nutritious and much better tasting and without chemicals and hormones. More likely, such meat comes from animals that were fed natural and organic feed.  
3.  Avoid genetically modified (GMO) fruits, vegetables, foods.  Buy organic, whenever possible, even though it may be shipped a long distance.  Organic growers need support.  Their efforts need to be rewarded.  Large growers need encouragement to switch to organic growing methods.   
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2.  Read about Genetically Modified Fruits, Vegetables, other Crops that can Devastate Health 
Contacting Your Officials and Representatives
Call and Write
Your Congress

A polite call and letter can work miracles!

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Helping, Protecting and Serving Those Who Are the Most Innocent Among Us