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Foster care requires great patience and enduring love. Often times, foster children have gone through great trauma, or were victims of abuse and neglect. With a good, kind, patient and wise foster home caretaker parent, such children can blossom, grow and bloom to become beautiful, contributing, healthy and happy adults.

Here are some informative links:

Fostercare Basics
Important things to know before considering fostering children
Fostering by State

Training, licensing, information and support by state


If You Are a Foster Child
It is important for older foster children to consider the importance of learning and acquiring skills that will help them become independent. Help oftentimes can stop at the age of 18, and therefore, preparing for junior or 4 year college, or acquiring a vocational skill is crucial.

Foster parents should really help and assist their youngsters in becoming self-sufficient to ensure happy and fulfilling adulthood.


Do you know of a foster care facility in your area? There is a call for treats for the children in foster care who are placed in homes due to abuse, neglect, and other instances of mistreatment.  Preferable treats are healthy, yet delicious foods individually packaged.  Here's a partial list of items to consider.

Fruit Leather - natural, no sugar added
Natural, less sugar grain or treat bars
dried fruit packs
trail mixes
dried natural mangoes, bananas
Natural Peanuts
Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies
Sunflower Seeds

We like to add stickers and other fun items to give the children a smile, or a lift of spirits.  Anthing fun and happy would most likely be very much appreciated.  

Here is a Wishlist for children in need in homes and institutions:

Something to come home to, from school...
Homebaked yummies, perhaps with a cold 
fresh glass of natural milk... see our treats
above for suggestions.  

Idea:  Include little stickers or something 
playful and cheerful as little gifts

Clothes for Youth
ages 0-17 years
beanies/wool hats
hooded sweatshirts
plain t-shirts
sweat Pants
sneakers/athletic shoes

Recreational Supplies
new age appropriate toys (9-17)
Costco cash card
Playdough containers
Wal-Mart/Target/Staples cash cards
movie tickets
CD walkmans
truck toys

Personal Items
hygiene products (m/f):
shampoo/conditioner/soap/lotion toothpast/brushes etc.
first aid kits

Educational Basket
index cards
origami paper
construction paper
poster boards
tempura paint-primary colors
assorted paint brushes
finger-paint paper
Crayola model magic

Holidays Items
Christmas tree
holiday decorations/ornaments
gift cards

Household Items
for the older children learning to
go out on their own and "spread
their young wings..."
35-40 white pillow cases
10-15 pillows
pots & pans
kitchen and bath towels
cleaning supplies
kitchen rugs (small)
*anything else good for a "new apartment"

Center Needs
color printer
3 filing cabinets
air fresheners
smalll vacuum
cleaning supplies

non-perishable snacks
unused videotapes
inexpensive cameras & film
photo albums

Do you know of a center?  Send it to us!

Local San Diego Children's Community Center

(619) 221-8600 - San Diego, CA.
(619) 225-9305 - 5041 Newport Ave San Diego, CA 92107


Have your heard of Escrip at

If you shop at the following companies,
you can use Escrip and the companies
will pay a percentage to the Children's
Center.  The San Diego Children's Center
Escrip Number is: #500005337.

Thank you!

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Pep Boys

Eddie Bauer
Linens 'n Things
Peninsula Beauty Supply
Sierra Trading Post

Bristol Farms
Cardiff Seaside Market
Catalano's Market
El Rancho Market
Green Frog Market
HOWS Markets

Keil's Food Stores
Major Market
New Frontiers Natural Foods
Spencer's Fresh Markets
Super A Foods
Tresierras Supermarkets
Wrigley's Supermarket

Baja Fresh
Carrows Resaurants
Coco's Bakery Restaurant
Diner on Main
Pick Up Stix
Rewards Network Dining
Shaker's Family Restaurants
Wild Thyme Cafe & Bakery

Anna's of San Francisco
Direct America Satellite Services
Dream Dinners
eScrip Visa
Final Wrap
Firefly Mobile, Inc.
Lullaby Lane
Magazines & More
Merry Maids
ServiceMaster Clean
Shutterly (Picture Studio for eScrip)
Strand Cleaners
The Perfect Grape
TruGreen ChemLawn

Sporting Goods
Big 5 Sporting Goods

Travel & Transportation
American Airlines Flight Certificates
Club Cruise
Rewards Netwrok Hotels

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About Us - Who We Are, What We Stand For
Helping, Protecting and Serving Those Who Are the Most Innocent Among Us...
the Children, the Animals, and Those Most Innocent and Vulnerable
"It is through giving,
that one finds, true living."
Teaching to Give, as Well as to Receive
 Teaching children how to receive, as well as 
teaching children how to give, is a gift of a lifetime. 
Living creatures, both human and animal, find their greatest 
joy in the acts of loving, sharing, giving.

With the love of others around them, a child's heart will grow 
and swell so that they will overflow with good and loving things. 
These good and loving things will in turn, flow to other children 
around them. And so it goes.

Join us.  Help the children. 
Cherish and protect every living creature. 

Many Blessings!

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Helping, Protecting and Serving Those Who Are the Most Innocent Among Us